Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rotating Wreath

During this past Thanksgiving, I got the craft bug and wanted to make a wreath.  However, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to make a fall themed wreath or a Christmas wreath.  I love fall and the colors of fall, so I was leaning toward a fall wreath.  But, it was mid-november and the frugal side of my brain couldn't really justify making a wreath that I could only be using for the next couple weeks.  So, I came up with this idea for a wreath that I could change for the seasons.

Here is a little closer view.

I wrapped a straw wreath in thick green yarn and hot glued the end of the yarn down on the back.

To make it seasonally rotating, I glued the felt flowers that I had made to a 4x8 piece of felt.  Then I hot glued velcro strips to the front side of one end and the back side of the other end.

Then, I wrapped it around the wreath:

Later, I will add a tutorial for some of the felt flowers.  But, for now I was just excited to get the idea up.  
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  1. This is genius! I absolutely love it!!

  2. Also I can't wait for tutorials on the flowers.

    p.s. it's here!

  3. So, so cute! Perfect for spring :)

    I'm here from the Lil' Luna linky party.

    Michelle :)

  4. What a great idea and super cute!

  5. This is great!

  6. This could be a REALLY dumb question, but did you take the plastic off of the straw wreath before you wrapped it in yarn or did you leave it the way it was?


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