Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  
I have been very busy in my classroom this week with St. Patrick's Day activities.  We have had a tricky little leprechaun visiting our classroom when we are out all week.  So, this week my students created Leprechaun Traps, with their families, and we set them out this afternoon.  We are hoping to catch him tonight.  Since we have had such a great time this week, I just wanted to share a couple of pictures.  Of course I cannot post pics of my adorable students, but I know you can imagine them learning lots and enjoying this week.

Here are some pics of the Leprechaun Traps that my students made.

If you notice those little green footprints, those are what my students will find tomorrow morning.  This is the proof we need that he has been around.

Aren't they adorable????  I am so proud of them.
Here is a pic of a rainbow cupcake that I made for them to show them how proud I am of them.  I have been seeing these cupcakes all over the blogland and I just couldn't resist making some.

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  1. Krysti, your cupcakes look great! Aren't they so fun? I bet your students loved them! This post made me miss teaching.


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