Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Word Family Activity

As you can see from me having a second word family activity, that I am in the midst of teaching word families.  This one is pretty simple.  I just cut two pieces of red construction paper in a trapezoid shape to look like a popcorn bucket then I glued the sides and bottom together. (Sorry I don't have a picture of each step)  I cut white strips to make the stripes on the bucket.  I used a white rectangle to label each popcorn bucket with a word family.

Finally, I cut white construction paper in a large "popcorn" shape and wrote the words in each word
family on them.

The pieces of "popcorn" slide into the open top of the bucket.  The kids pull them out one at a time and read them or read them and then put them back into the bucket.  The great part is that they are flat so they can be stored simply.

Here are the word families that I did:
-at: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat.  -ad: bad, dad, fad, had, mad, pad, rad, sad, tad.  -ag: bag, gag, jag, lag, rag, sag, tag, wag.  -an: ban, can, dan, fan, jan, man, pan, ran, tan, van.  -en: den, hen, jen, ken, men, pan, ten.  -et: bet, get, jet, let, met, pet, set, vet, wet.


  1. THanks so much for your sweet comments! I will for sure add the colors that I used when I do the final post! Love your blog and ideas! I am your newest follower!

  2. How fun! What a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing at the For the Kids Friday Link Party! I look forward to having you back this Friday!


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