Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wordy Wednesday #2

For today's Wordy Wednesday I am going to share with you a little (non-rhyming) poem that I wrote.  Last summer, we were leaving the park with our daughter and she noticed that the moon was out and that the sun was going down.  She said "Night night sun, Welcome back moon.  It was such a precious moment.  That night the sunset was such a beautiful mixture of fuchsia, orange and purple. With the combination of the precious moment with our 2 year old and the beauty of the sky I was inspired to write about it.  Here is the result.

Fuchsia Sky

by Krysti Matherly

The fuchsia sky is the sun's loving glance
back at the day.
Slipping away in the warm glow of today's memories
The fuchsia melts into mango then orchid
and finally all is indigo.
Good night Sun, until tomorrow.
As the stars begin to sparkle across the sky like diamonds, a loving friend returns.
Welcome back Moon.
Let's snuggle into the endless possibilities of a dream.

Hope you liked it!

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