Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty Pink Coffee Filters

I have seen several projects using coffee filters lately and decided to try to color some for a couple of projects that I wanted to do.  All of the projects I have seen colored the filters using food coloring, but since I have an abundance of paint, I decided to try it with paint. (An experiment)

  I put some paint in the bottom of a paper plate, then added some water and mixed it with a paint brush.

Then, I took a stack of coffee filters and placed them in the middle of the paint tinted water.

One issue with using the paint tinted water instead of food coloring is that there is an excessive amount of water soaked into the coffee filters.  So, first I picked them up and let them drip for awhile.

I read somewhere that you could dry them in the dryer.  However, the blog that stated this hadn't used paint.  As you can see, it left it's mark behind on the inside of my dryer.  But, it did dry them in about 15 minutes instead of the hours the ones I left out to dry took.

Thankfully for me, I have discovered the wonderment of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!  I had to use my muscles a little bit, but the Magic Eraser took the pink paint right off.  As a Kindergarten Teacher I have found many amazing things to use that little magical eraser for.  (I am not being paid by Mr. Clean, I just really love the product.)

Here is the beautiful stack that resulted.

I'm not sure that I would use my dryer next time, but it was a fun experiment.  Now to decide what to make with them first.  Hmmm.


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  2. I once had a green cerayon go through the dryer and there is still green spots in it, 3 years later!!!

    Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.


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  3. that is cute idea!

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    thank you :)

  4. You are a brave women putting those in your dryer! I'm a new follower from Good Friends Just Click. htttp://www.grandmasguidetolife.blogspot.com

  5. So trying this!!! (maybe not the dryer idea tho)
    Mr.Clean is my bestie!
    Happy day to you!

  6. They already look like a beautiful rose.

  7. Oh my gosh! that is so something I would do (the dryer thing) but they really do look great and I agree with Healthier and Wealthier.... they already look like a beautiful rose.

  8. You could make a coffee filter wreath with them!! Super easy wreath and would look cool in different colors! :]


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