Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blissfully Meandering through Vacation

Hi Friends!
I am so sorry that I have been missing.  It was the end of the school year and then we jumped in the car and headed for vacation.  I am going to share some of our pics with you.  Since I am not crafting on vacation, I will share what I have.

Here is a trail in Dunsmuir California that leads to Mossbrea Falls!

Here is Mossbrea Falls

This is my handsome hubby and my beautiful daughter. 

Sacramento River

Here we are sticking our feet in the FREEZING water.  I think it is melted snow from Mt. Shasta.   We could only put our feet in for a few seconds and it would send a cramp up our legs.  Brrrrrr.  But it was fun.

Just down the road from Mossbrea Falls is Hedge Creek Falls.
My daughter said the her friend the wind was blowing and making her cheeks cold.

Hedge Creek Falls

This is the view from behind the falls.  It was really cool to go behind a waterfall.

We continued on our vacation to Oregon.

Here's a little deer on the side of the road.  May not be a big deal to everyone, but it's something we don't see very often in Central California. 

We finally made it to our home for the week, in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon.  If you are ever in central Oregon, the very best way to enjoy the beauty is to rent a house in Sunriver through Sunray Vacation Rentals.  

We went with cousins to visit a kids salon called Sprouts in Bend, Oregon.  My beautiful daughter got feathers and glitter put in her hair.

And her first Manicure!

Here is the view from my husband's Aunt's back porch in Bend, Oregon.

As we have more adventures this week, I will post again.

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