Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Meandering #8

I'm back!!!!  I have been crazy busy with end of the school year stuff and filling Etsy orders.  I have also been wondering if doing a Monday Meandering post is worth the time.  It generally has much less traffic than the tutorial posts.  But, since I have a few friends who do not peruse blog land, and therefore miss some amazing things, I will continue. (As time permits)  I have been told that some friends check on Monday's to see what I found over the weekend.  Awwww, thanks girls.

So, here it goes.  The first thing that I fell in love with is Chocolate Covered Oreos by It's Always a Party at the Parker's.  OMG, I never thought that Oreos could be improved upon.  But, they not only added chocolate, but a beautiful design as well.  Someday this summer, I am so trying to make these!

I just love this You are my Sunshine Art Canvas by Beyond the Screen Door.  When I was a little girl, my mom used to sing this song to me all the time.  Now that I have a little girl, my mom and I both sing it to her.  So, when I saw this piece, I immediately clicked. :)

These Painted Canning Jars are actually the link that I followed over to Beyond the Screen Door.  Aren't they awesome?  I have always loved canning jars. I love to use them whenever I can, even though I have never canned anything.  BTW, Iced Tea tastes at least 10 times better from a mason jar (and as a bonus, it reminds me of my Aunt Nita) the sweeter the better.

 Of course those of you who have read my previous posts, know of my affinity for paint chips.  I have found, yet another, reason to collect them when I go to Walmart or Lowes.  Ali Lilly made these adorable Paint Chip Wreaths.

Since Summer Break is almost upon us, I have been looking for things to do and make with my beautiful daughter.  This weekend, I came across these awesome Homemade Superballs by Making Memories with your kids.  My daughter is going to be so excited on the day we make these.

Lastly, I fell in love with this adorable little bag.  This Layla Handbag was found at Artfully Caroline.  I love the ruffles!!!!

I hope you love these finds as much as I did!  Thanks for stopping by.

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