Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bright Valentine's Day Wreath

Well, I started out making this wreath as a Valentine's day wreath.  I had some flannel left over from a project I made for the Yard Supervisors at our school.  (Hand Warmers)  So, I cut the fabric into rectangles with my pinking shears.  I wrapped each piece around the end of a pencil and glued them onto a straw wreath form.  I used THIS tutorial from My Greenbrae Cottage.  Wow, that took a REALLY long time.  When I was finished, it just needed something more. So, I experimented with flowers.  I tried sticking to the traditional Valentine's Day colors but they really didn't pop.  So, I decided to go with bright colors, and here is the result!  I'm not sure that I am finished with it yet.  I feel like it needs a little something more, but for now.....

Okay, it's been a few days and I have added a couple more flowers.  
Here is the updated version.

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